Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to create an eBook Cover

Author Pam Perry
The "magic marketing" formula today is to create an "ebook" and give it away - in exchange for a "good" email address.  

And the one with the most email addresses wins.  :)

It's done all day, every day on the internet. Smart and savvy internet marketers do this.

They know how to make the "ebook" look so inviting.

Really, it's just a pdf but hey, we imagine it as a "real" book.

So, how do they create those cute "ebook" covers?


They use a software and create them in minutes.
 Anyone can do. It's fast and simple.

One of the best I've found
is from Nancast. Love 'em.

(I recommend them and I am an affiliate too -
just being honest. But I don't recommend anything
I don't absolutely love!)

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