Sunday, January 6, 2013

Branding Superstar University


Branding Superstar University Starts soon.

 It’s is part mentoring, 

PR Coaching and 

Social Media Training in one.

If you are ready to join me, go to: and “see” you in the TELEclasses.

Resources to help you brand better:
1. Create a page (see mine
2. Create an page (see mine
3. Create a good sales/landing page. I use this – it’s EASY to use and it optimizes for you.
•4. Use an autoresponder! I use this AWEBER
•5. Write white papers, here’s how and why:
Quick“take away tools” to do today! Use these secrets!

  • Set up your Google Plus Profile completely -but first get a good name for your GMAIL acct!
(We will talk about Authorship in the Branding Superstar Classes)

  • • Use find people with a problem…and give them a solution. Engage them first!  

Again we’ll discuss this deeper in the Branding Superstar U teleclasses. Anything you want to know?
What has helped you BRAND better and attract more buzz, business and clients?

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