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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dr. Laureen Wishom Online Radio by Dr Laureen | Blog Talk Radio

Dr. Laureen Wishom Online Radio by Dr Laureen | Blog Talk Radio

fit fine fabulous ebook download2 300x114 What Others Are Saying About Fit, Fine & Fabulous   Part 2It’s unbelievable – we are just two days away from the launch of Fit, Fine & Fabulous.  You can download the free e-book on April 26th by clicking here.
In What Others Are Saying About Fit, Fine & Fabulous – Part 1, I introduced the first three notables who provided their insight and reviews.
Now here are the last three individuals who took the time to review the first four chapters of the book.
Fit, Fine & Fab Reviewer #4:
Johnny D. Gentry Jr. is a retired educator and a certified vocational supervisor.  He has spent his life mentoring and helping youth obtain scholarships.
Here’s what Johnny had to say:
“Dr. Wishom, over the past ten years of being your mentor, accountability and resource partner, I have watched you achieve, grow and become very successful. After reading Fit, Fine & Fabulous in Career, Business & Life, I realized that you have truly stepped into your “own exclusive space,” and I discovered that I am an “enlightened man” for reading this book. Fit, Fine & Fabulous is truly a work of art and a great read for both men and women who want to achieve success in career, business and life.”
Johnny has been a true friend and amazing mentor who has helped shape my Fit, Fine & Fabulous.
Fit, Fine & Fabulous Reviewer #5:
Angela M. Pettit is currently working on her doctorate and has been featured in Essence magazine as a ‘Power Player’ and the Inspirational Woman Magazine’s ‘International Jetsetter”.
So here is what Angela has to say:
“While other so-called experts pontificate their “expertise” throughout the social media landscape and talk about going to the next level, it is just that—all talk for the most part. Let’s be real. How many people do you know who are actually going to the next level? Fit, Fine & Fabulous is different! Dr. Laureen is different. She sets her philosophy apart from all the others. Her tools, solutions, and 3R Method are spot-on in helping us define and realize our true intentions and our own individual definitions of success. It is substance-filled, not the superficial.
Dr. Laureen’s Fit, Fine & Fabulous is an interactive guide that steps us through the process to change our mindset to achieve a “Whole New Level.” This book is a must-read for the high achiever who aspires to give more, bring more of their unique value to the world, and “get on their own dime.” To sum it up, Fit, Fine & Fabulous is about authenticity. Dr. Laureen shows us the gems that are necessary to live a life by design and not by default.”
Instead of asking Angela where she has traveled, a better question is to ask her where she has not traveled.  She has truly earned the title of ‘International Jetsetter’.
Fit, Fine & Fabulous Reviewer #6:
Terri Zwierzynski is the Chief Freedom Officer at Solo-E ( Since 2003 Solo-E has been dedicated to supporting Solo Entrepreneurs worldwide – who desire the financial and creative freedom of entrepreneurship without the sacrifice of personal freedom.
“As Dr. Laureen points out so eloquently in this book, being “successful” is so much more than fame and fortune! If you strive to be someone else’s definition of success, you have missed the point and will always wonder why you don’t “feel” successful. You must have your own definition of success that comes from within.
She delves deeply into the processes for defining and achieving success. She describes them clearly and succinctly, and generously shares her own journey as a model for the reader. She introduces a cornucopia of techniques that are powerful and effective, utilizing a variety of senses that will appeal to those with various learning styles. This is NOT another rehash of the tired, old exercises of goal setting and implementation. It is a far richer and more potent resource that gets your imagination in gear and sets your actions in motion. Be prepared to think deeply and act powerfully!”
Terri designed Solo-e to provide proven, no-hype business strategies, marketing techniques and entrepreneurial advice from successful Solo Entrepreneur Experts. is a great place to find free templates, articles, videos and audios.
I am so glad that I have the opportunity to know all of these fantastic people.
P.S. Don’t forget Friday, April 26, 2013 is the day to download the free e-book.  Be sure to leave a review while you are on the Amazon page.

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