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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Top 10 Reasons To Have a Top 10 List by Dr. Laureen Wishom

It is always a plus to have a Top 10 List on a topic that interests your ideal clients. A Top 10 List can demonstrate your understanding of their issues, provide concrete information they can use immediately, tastefully promote your products, services and invite them to take a next step (e.g. opt-in to a new [...]

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CEO of Twitter: Dick Costolo, Commencement Speech (video)

Live in the Moment. Tweet that! 

Partial Script: 

....don't always worry about what your "next line" is supposed to be

what you're supposed to do next there's no script

live your life in this moment

now be in this moment

twenty years from now

you will be sitting in a different seat in this stadium

and you will be lying in a field looking up at the clouds and you will be holding a

patient's hand walking into surgery

and you will be grading for evaluating a student's asst

and you'll be sitting on the sidelines of your daughter's soccer practice and

you will be standing behind this podium

be right there

and nowhere else in that moment

soak it all in

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Brand Your Ministry

If you want to know how Mega Ministries
brand, join me and Vic Bolton tonight.... (you have to register by 8:00 pm EST)
Teleclass starts at 9pm SHARP! 

(Go here to sign up at http://www. brandingsuperstaruniversity. com)

Vic Bolton is an image consultant and public relations expert, based in the metro Atlanta area. A global thought leader whose focus is excellence in communication, Vic is a sought-after reputation counselor to celebrities, pastors, artists, speakers, athletes, authors and elected officials all across America. After 25-years of high-profile corporate experience in marketing, sales, governmental affairs, crisis communications and public relations, Vic served as a Vice President of a national advertising agency.

He now manages his own PR operation - Capital Strategic Communications Group -  which provides strategic counsel to ministries and non-profits.
Vic has helped shape the public perceptions of countless public figures through his media training sessions, interview preparation and leadership training modules.
Sign up at www. BrandingSuperstarUniversity. com now. Teleclass is at 9pm EST Tonight.

To your Superstar Success,

Pam Perry

06-04-2013 - Final Reminder about Tonight's Teleclass