Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reinvent Yourself: Learn to Monetize Your Expertise and Experiences

You like your career – but feel there is something more.  You want
to reinvent yourself but really don’t know what to REINVENT yourself to?
Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert

You just want to know: “What do I want to be when you grow up” now?

To find an answer to this question, here are the 10 questions you should ask yourself when determining how to rebrand & reinvent.
This assessment will help you find your a niche in which you will specialize in and monetize to create a career that will give not only financial freedom – but pure joy and bliss!

 As you think of the answers, put them in a “reinvention” journal:

  • How would you spend your time if you didn’t have to work?
  • What are your hot buttons?
  • What activities make you excited and you lose track of time?
  • What do people say you’re good at?
  • What do I have an aptitude for?
  • What type of training has your time or your money been spent on?
  • What are you very “for sure” about and love to talk about a lot?
  • What experiences make you unique and marketable?
  •  What have I accomplished or been recognized for?
  • Which of the above areas has the least competition?
  • Which of the above areas pays high rates?
Now, you have a guide on how to monetize or rebrand your career.

Your first step is to “rebrand” yourself by becoming a known expert in a niche. 
We can help. Brand like a superstar…but first, LAUNCH!


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Reinvent Yourself: Learn to Monetize Your Expertise and Experiences

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