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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Brand Like a Superstar by Understanding Website Optimization

If you want to brand like a superstar, you need to get your website right.  Today it’s all about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and getting on Page One in Google.

You will attract those raving fans and they will adore you  and they will buy into what you’re selling – if you website is working properly.  But if your website is whack, well, you’ll get whack traffic or worst – NO TRAFFIC. If you don’t have traffic, you get no customers, no sales, no business, no buzz – nothing.  You’re just taking up space and being frustrated.

Hear what our SEO Expert, Vernita Sherman has to say about SEO and Websites —

website vernita sherman
Your website must be optimized to do two things:
1) Be found in the search sites (particularly Google)
2) Convert visitors into interested prospects that will take some form of action when they come to your site.
Website Optimization is all about making your website friendlier to the search engines. When Google likes you, it will make sure you site is easier to find online. It’s also about adding elements to your site that will convert your website visitors into interested prospects.
There are two vital website optimization terms that you must know and understand, they are: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Optimization.

Search engine optimization can be further broken down into On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

On Page Optimization is composed of elements that must be incorporated directly on your website, for example: Meta tag optimization, heading tags, targeted keyword phrases on each page, xml sitemap, image optimization, internal linking, and more.

Off Page Optimization is composed of building links to your site from other sites and web properties. Most of those links should come from sites that are related to what your website is about. As an example, if your site is about cooking, you do not want a link from a site that’s about swimming. The more relevant links you have coming to your site, the more the search engines will think of your site as an authority in your industry, particularly if you have links coming from a site that already has got a lot of authority.
The problem is that too many people target link building before they have optimized the on page SEO factors discussed above. One comes before the other, yet both (one page and off page SEO) are necessary if you would like to ultimately be listed higher than your competition in Google. As you know, the higher you are on the list, the more folks will see it, which equals more traffic to your website.

When all those people visit your website you must have it optimized to grab their attention enough to get them to take an action. Generally, you want to include pictures, videos, sign up forms (so you can follow-up with prospects), and anything else that your target market is interested in.

As you can see, website optimization consists of many elements, but the most important thing to remember is that you want to optimize your website at the same time that you are creating it. One does not come before the other.

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 by Vernita Sherman
How to Brand Like a Superstar by Understanding Website Optimization

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

15 Church Marketing Ideas - Market Your Ministry with Excellence

Marketing and the church? Yes, though salvation is free – we are charged to “Go Ye” in the world and spread the Gospel and that requires some effort. 
And it also involves promoting or marketing the Message – properly.
The better the brand, the better the response to the Message.
Here are some church marketing ideas:
1. Give away a free ebook or mp3 podcasts on your website/blogsite in exchange for their email so you can keep in touch with them. Use an autoresponder too. We use aweber.
2. Create a specially-themed blog and update it at least once a week (connect it to broadcast out to your Facebook page and Twitter account) and start a blogtalk show.
3. Design exciting church bulletins with “spiritual nuggets” from you. Make it a keeper and motivational tool to be shared with non-church members.
4. Brand your sermon series with CD covers, banners/postcards thru out the church and create a “facebook cover” so members can promote on their Facebook pages too.
5. Start an email newsletter or Ezine. Repurpose the articles in article directories like
6. Create cool, glossy postcards for members to give out to invite people to church.
7. Give a community award – Pick a worthy policeman or firefighter from your community and honor them with a nice award. Make it a big deal. Send out a press release. Video tape the event and put on Youtube.
8. Attend a church marketing conference & engage in social media like Facebook and Twitter.
9. Invest in a quality graphics/branding (see Ivory Coast Media) Create a custom Twitter background and Facebook cover and page.
10.Order a standard podium cover to match your corporate ID for special meetings in venues like hotels where their name is displayed. Brand your logo and name. Make sure your website URL is on it too.
11.Canvas the neighborhood of the church with door hangers. Many neighbors are just waiting for a formal invitation to visit your church. Be creative – give a gift that matches your churches brand.
12. Do something different and outside the box – Change up your routine, do not just do the standard stuff you and every other church does each year. Find a different way to do the same thing from a different perspective. Be playful and fun – and attract the youth.
13. Read one good book on ministry marketing (Did you read the 115 PR Tips booklet)? Authored by Pam Perry.
14. Plan out your marketing efforts – Yes, make a plan! Consult with a marketing consultant to help you lay out a strategy within your budget.
15. Allow members to “check in” when they enter the church using Foursquare on their mobile phones. Make sure your Foursquare profile is complete and includes the website url. This is a great way to spread the Gospel easily and effortlessly. The is word of mouth on steroids.

15 Church Marketing Ideas - Market Your Ministry with Excellence

Thursday, August 2, 2012

PR Coach Humor: Book launch 2.0 From the Author's Perspective

The Ultimate Author PR Boot Camp!
OK, the video may not be funny to you.....but I understand...

LISTEN, I’m Pam Perry, a PR GURU :) 
with 20 years experience in public relations.
 I can help you cut through the publicity maze, “master the media” 
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Over FOUR WEEKS during teleclasses & field work, I will: 

1. Evaluate and improve your book marketing plan, tweaking your ideas.
2. Tailor your promotion plan, tapping into my wealth of PR strategies & secrets.
3. Provide you with a full rolodex of the media & publishing contacts that make the difference in your book campaign. (Including how to get a the best book trailer deal)
4. Hold you accountable as we work together on your execution of the book marketing plan. 

I will be your media mentor - and publicity evangelist! 

And finally -----You'll learn how to tap into traditional to get Public Relations exposure and new media to build a tribe! I’ll coach you to success in reaching the African American Christian Market (AACM) 

As an author, you’ll learn insider’s strategies and secrets, such as:
* The elements of a strong publicity plan and what makes a book a best-seller * How to create a “killer” media kit that grabs attention and gets results
* The publicity process and how to master media interviews
* How to win radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and/or internet media interviews
* The Internet - key PR hubs, paid advertising and free publicity
* Print Publications and creative ad strategies that sell books
* PR Web 2.0 Strategies & the tools of the trade in the literary world
* Loads of tips offered by guest speakers from various Christian print pubs

Read testimonials from the brisk selling authors I have already coached:

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