Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leesa Renee Hall: Is Your Faith Keeping You Broke? (Podcast)

Hear the interview with me and Leesa Renee Hall  
on the topic of "Is My Faith Keeping Me Broke?"
...Let's get real here. We're being called to shine our light in the marketplace...BUT many of us are broke, busted and disgusted!  

If your faith has been screaming for a better way to do sales, searching for a way to persuade prospects and captivate clients using universal truths, I invite you to an exciting virtual summit taking place October 9-18, 2012.

The Faithfully Rich Breakthrough Series features 15 luminaries who will teach you how to merge business, faith and sales into a successful blueprint.

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Here are just some of the things you'll learn attending the Faithfully Rich Breakthrough Series:

  • The 5 steps to help you become mask-free and reach your biggest goals
  • How to be of "Service from the Stage" without over-giving
  • How to use personality typing to attract people who want to give you money
  • The 2 destructive mentalities that prevent abundance from flowing in your life
  • The top 3 reasons why you're struggling with selling
  • Why prospecting is, and always will be, the foundation of success
  • How to secure media attention WITHOUT using a press release 
  • What is a Sales Strength Profile™ and how it will help you feel more confident in sales
  • How to use the power of music to break free of obstacles holding you back from your sales success
  • The #1 reason why Light Bearers are so critical to the marketplace today
  • The true purpose of marketing, and why "attraction" doesn't work
  • The drastic steps you need to take to improve your sales
  • The power of spiritual selling and how to use it to manifest exactly what you want
  • The 3 ways to benefit from your blessing
  • The 3 P's to discovering your faithfully rich niche
  • And much more!

The host of the Faithfully Rich Breakthrough Series, Leesa Renee Hall, is bringing together bestselling authors, success coaches and international speakers to share these tactics with you.  

From October 9-18, 2012, we'll share our tactics for making an impact without manipulating, without deceiving and without creating illusions.

There's no travel, no time away from the office and you get access to all the live calls FREE. 

on the topic of "Is My Faith Keeping Me Broke?"  

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Leesa Renee Hall: Is Your Faith Keeping You Broke? 10/03 by Pam Perry PR Coach | Blog Talk Radio

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